Dating girls that want to know you first?

So the girl I have a crush on found out I liked her a couple months ago. We didn't know eachother well at the time and she told her friends she could see it working out if she only knew me better and it's too early to date. I always thought dating is how you get to know someone, but I guess for her first she wants to know me better. I've texted her a lot since then, and school's over so there's no way to casually get to know her in person without asking her out. How do I know if it's time to ask her out without her saying it's too early to date?


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  • Maybe you could get a group of friends together and invite her to come along. You're right though, the point of dating is to get to know someone.

    You could also pull the "a funny thing happened" story. "so a funny thing happened. Me and a friend were going to go to a movie but they bailed at the last minute and I already bought the tickets. You want to come along with me?" She might see through that, but it's worth a shot, just don't call it a date.


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  • she told her friends and her friends told you? Hmm do you have mutual friends if so that is a great way to know her better if you could all plan something fun to do. That way the pressure is off both of you.


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