Why does this always happen to me?

Every time I fall in love with a girl that I really like I treat her so well and do everything I can to make her happy and I always get the same response which is that i am sosweet but I shouldn't have done that , why does this happen :(


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  • To be honest, some women (not all) get a little overwhelmed when they receive too much "sweetness". They like it, trust me. But not too much. They tend to get bored if it's overdone. You have to have an equal balance of sweetness and distance, if that makes sense to you. If it's a girl you're not dating but you're trying to impress, the case may be that you are overcrowding her when she doesn't exactly know how she feels, or she may not feel that way at all. You can't push it. Especially if you are not dating them yet. Also, I think it's wise to not give it your all until you know it's definitely worth it! :) I hope I helped a little.


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