Need advice! Falling for a guy with a girlfriend?

So I work with this guy and we have become really good friends, we can talk about anything and everything. He is always asking me about myself and says he wants to know who I am. He'll come up and hug me from behind wrapping his arms around me putting he's head on mine and tell me "it feels right" He is definitely someone I could/would date. He does little things at work to help me out, he always makes sure he's working near me and he stays after work (once nearly 5 hours) every shift we have together and we just sit on the tailgate and talk about everything from work to family to aspirations to everything. There is nothing we haven't talked about. Even right now as I'm writing this he's texting me asking how my day was. Last weekend he came out to my favourite bar to see me and was in such a rush to get there before it closed he got himself a speeding ticket. Haha. But the problem is, he has a girlfriend. He's been with her for 4 years but says that the last year they have been growing apart and he's not 100% happy anymore. I don't want to break up a relationship but I can't help but fall for this guy. He's pretty much everything i could ask for (and I don't fall for guys often) he can always tell when I'm upset and always as me to talk to him about it, and when I refuse he knows exactly how to make me smile and laugh. He's not the kinda guy who would normally stray from a relationship. He honestly is a good guy (one of the very few I've met) and I know just how he looks at me, treats me and the things we can talk about that there is a mutual interest between us (and others at work have pointed it out as well even though we do keep in professional in the work place) I just need some outside advice on what to do, I dont want to break up his relationship (I'm not that kinda girl) but I can't help but have feelings for him.

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  • If you really like him, and you feel that connection, go for it. You could regret it later.


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