If a girl your talking to is really upset with me what should I do? I need help I like her a lot?

so I really like this girl and she really likes me anyways we argued for 3 days and now she really upset about how she won't tell my cousin about us. I think its dumb but anyways she said she liked me a lot and that I was an important in her life and she cares about me a lot. anyways she's really upset with me because I told her my cousin was right and that she would hurt me. And I was upset when I said it and now she's ignoring me but she sometimes texts back. I asked her if we can talk about this or should I just leave her alone and she said what do you want me to do. I said that I want everything to be cool between us and talk like we used too and she said she doesn't know if it will happen. I asked her to call me later and she did her kid went to the hospital because she though he had a concusion. then I asked her if we could hangout soon and she said idk. and then she said well have to see.
What should I do I said sorry a million times I don't want to loose her what should I do? I want her to still like me and be how it was before.

p. s. when we do talk she sends me one word answers


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  • Too much conflict and not knowing how to deal with issues can kill a relationship. My ex would get angry easily and would always cause conflict for any stupid thing or take things the wrong way. How do you react & how do you guys solve problems? Maybe you need to cool off and talk when you've calmed down. Give her the floor 2 min., then you give her the floor, or you write what u don't like on a piece of paper without accusing the other: 'I feel xyz when u..." instead of 'u're such a dick, u always do this & that & u piss me off..."

  • If she won't even have a mature conversation with you it will never work. 3 days is a long time for her to be acting this way. She sounds too crazy to even bother with. I think you should save yourself more heartache and move on. Sorry to be blunt.


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