Meet a really neat girl but she's a fair bit younger than me not sure I should pursue it?

I meet this girl the other night , had seen her around before but hadn't talked to her until that night. she seemed really nice and I'd say she appeared somewhat interested but she's like only 19 and doesn't even appear that experienced at dating or the bar scene where I meet her. she's going to college for dental hygiene and seemed really nice when compared to other girls that age I've meet. I just don't know how to go about dating her or even getting to know her as all her friends are that age and mostly girls so I don't have much in common with them and can't really see myself hanging out with them much. anyways I'm 30 but look younger so there is a big age gap here and not sure my options but I was really attracted to her and could see myself spending time with her


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  • I am 20 years old and I live with a couple who are 30 years old. They are not related to me. The man in the couple was way more mature than I am and knows so much more about life and and making wise choices. He is much further along in his career than I am. I was very attracted to him at first but one day of living with him killed all attraction to him that I had had. He treated me like a child even though I am an adult. He's only recently started to treat me like an adult (after 6 months of living here), but he is much more of a father figure than anything else. I couldn't imagine being with him in that way at all. From living there, my maturity levels have greatly increased and I can honestly say that living with older and wiser people has made me wiser and more mature.

    Now for your specific situation, my advice is to slowly build up a friendship, and if/when you do start dating her, don't make it be exclusive dating, because at this young age she needs the opportunity to meet other guys too. You can see how mature she is during your friendship - her maturity may even grow during your friendship.

    • I'm just concerned if I go too slow she's be back at school and have forgot about me by then , I have this window during summer when she is easily available and around. although she only goes to college 1 hour away so it wouldn't be that hard to see her if we become better friends or more

    • Maybe make it clear that you are eventually looking for more than friendship, but that you're taking things slowly because she's young. That way she'll know you're interested and won't forget about you.

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  • Hmm... 11 years. If you said she was 20 and you were 31, it would seem more ok than she's 19 and you're 30. Lol I don't know something about a guy in his 30s dating a teenager. But who cares, go for it if you really liker her.


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