When do you let a girl go that you got into an argument with?

I usually go fast when it comes to dating women, but this one woman, we instantly hit it off. We are always playful and she is a blast to be around. She cooked for me 2 times!! Anyhow we aren't technically exclusive yet, and we just started playing around the other night and she told me she had to leave soon. Me, not wanting to rush things just yet, said something I never should have, something to the line of "you need to go, babe" its getting late. What she heard however was, the "YOU NEED TO GO". Making me sound like a complete ass.

So, I apologized for my behavior telling her it would never happen again and that it was uncalled for and explained my side of things as well, not making excuses but just offering perspective and for her to call me when she wants to talk again. That was yesterday, she literally blows my phone up every day (I like it that way) and calls me. It is the sweetest thing ever, I figured (if she is chasing me there's no way she will leave). I just wanted to know, I have a lot of women who want to talk to me, but I put them off because I genuinely felt a connection with her.

So how long should I wait until I move on? I put the ball in her court, but I'd feel bad if I started dating another woman and she calls me Thursday or something.


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  • Well as a girl, it gets super exhausting if we are the ones calling/texting first. If we are always the ones contacting you, we tend to think "why am i the only one that cares about this" Maybe try texting her one more time just saying "hey I've been thinking of you" and hopefully she finds it sweet. But if someone said "you need to go" to me then id feel like i was just a hookup. Give her today, and then text her tomorrow. If she really does like you, then she wants to talk to you. But she also wants to feel like she's being chased because as you know its a great feeling knowing your wanted

    • That's the thing, we didn't hook up. I usually move right into sex with women, but she wanted to go slow, and I actually appreciated it. We gradually get closer each time, even though we are both not virgins. I thought it was sweet, but the way I phrased it was wrong. I texted the next day and called the day after that to explain things, I just think its silly to give up after one thing, but it is what it is.

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    • yeah i would say so. 2 days is enough for me to think about it. But i would do a week just to make sure

    • Thanks! That's what I figured. I pretty much put the ball in her court so if she doesn't even text me in a week, I'll know it wasn't meant to be.

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