Will this girl ever be smart enough to see through his bullshit like I am? Have you ever been in a situation like this? Girls?

This guy I liked for awhile got a girl pregnant. Well he lives with her ad she supports him. He lies and sas he works but doesn't. He cheats on her with a girl but wanted e to cheat to. I feel bad and just can't. He lies to me and says his phone screen s cracked and not to text him because he's afraid to get caught. He can't even be a friend to anyone.. I now all of this looking from the outside in.. But she doesn't know...

None of his friends or anyone will tell her.. And e hides everything


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  • Some times us women really do see the truth we just refuse to acknowledge it. She is pregnant and probably scared about raising a child with him much less if she were to leave him and then become a single parent. Maybe she does see all of this and is just scare of being a single parent.

    Then again maybe she doesn't see it. Are you best friends with this girl? Do you care about how she is being treated? I ask these questions simply because if you care about her future and the baby she is carrying maybe she needs to know these things just incase she doesn't already. Wouldn't you want to know this information if you were in her place?

    Assuming she has been told by you or other's and she is still with him, I would say she is staying with him out of fear of being alone and a single mother. That maybe she is willing accept that bad behavior in order to have a father around for her child. I am not sure it is just an idea.

    • I'm friends with him not her.. Umm he comes back and forth to e to use me.. I now how he is because I've known him for 6 years. He does this to other girls to. This is her second child, she is a single mom. He has a kid to but this is his second kid... :(. . I feel so bad for her.

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  • Maybe she doesn't mind since he's still with her