My boyfriend is sending mixed signals? Help?

So me and this are guy dating on and off. One minute we are talking about furthering our relationship next minute he doesn't reply, to my texts and goes ghost on me for like a whole week.
He tells me that he likes me 100% but i don't know he's very confusing please help!


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  • You need to figure out if you want to me with someone who goes MIA without explanation. I think he's slipping away from you but doesn't want to lose you or hurt you and that's why he's still in the relationship. But you need to talk to him and ask him what he wants and if it's you something's have to change. Don't give him the free will to do whatever he pleases which will hurt you in the end


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  • If he really likes you then he would at least satisfy your worry with an explanation of why he's unable to respond or be present. I find that he can be busy but his words cannot mean anything for sure until he hacks on his belief. I tend to move on, but you should wait and see how things develop.

  • Do you want an answer that makes you feel better or do you wanna hear what you already know? Listen, take off your blinders and see the world for what it is... you are his booty call, simple as that. He is going ghost because he chasing other fishes. What do you expect from a teenager? Move on and save yourself heartache... but since you are a teenager as well... I will bet anything you will chase and wait for him and keep telling yourself "my situation is different"... sigh...

    • We never had sex. And only kissed once, im not sure if i'd call that a booty call.. Unless there's a new definition for the term.

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    • Oh and btw, I also know you had "help" forming your response below. Patterns and sentence arrangements improved drastically, someone "older" and more mature helped you. Nice try dimwit.

      Are you really that fucking dumb? I was telling you your actions make you a potential booty call and I am sure you don't want to be one dumbass, read again! Until you started the pissing contest I WAS being NICE, take your fucking blinders on and read!

      I pray you become booty call of every guy you meet and graduate to become THE town whore, until then, go play in traffic.

    • HA. Is this suppose to make me catch feelings? In case you do not know what that means, since you're old as shit, I will help you. -NOT. ahaha.
      You're not the only one getting a laugh out of this. Punk.
      I had no help in forming my last statement, I altered my grammar to prove a point. This is the internet, not a online classroom. Learn the difference. OH YEAHHH I forgot you're to old to accumulate any more knowledge cause you're about 2.5s from dropping dead.

      Now, i know your mom thought you better than that, you shouldn't talk to a lady like that. Aha, well i guess she did a shit job on raising you.
      I feel sorry for the woman you're with, i hope she drops your ass for more educated man, who has something better to do with his time, than argue with a teenager. Or, is the reason you're on here because you don't get any play at all? It will be a cold day in hell if you think i will let you have the laugh.
      So fuck you.
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