Friend Zone Question... Why won't he look at me?

I have a close guy friend who lives away from me. We talk all the time. I went to visit him and even though he didn't do anything that crossed the lines of friendship technically he did do some questionable things. The main thing I found peculiar is that he seemed to struggle all weekend making eye contact or looking at me. It was just he and I all weekend. What did the lack of eye contact mean? He and I had fun. He payed for everything unless I insisted to pay for myself which I did in a lot of cases.


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  • Sounds like shyness.,


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  • Maybe you're just not very good looking?

    • Lol, I guess I should clarify he wouldn't look me in the eyes. I have pretty eyes, so that wasn't the hang up.

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    • Maybe when he makes eye contact with you, you tend to stare and have a psychotic look in your eyes so he doesn't like looking at you because you make him feel weird?

    • Ha, OK I will try not to look psychotic.

  • Lack of eye contact is a vague reaction and can mean lots of things. Maybe he likes you and so it makes him nervous to look you in the eye. Maybe he doesn't give anyone eye contact. Who knows.

    • Who knows may be the best answer.

    • I hadn't noticed the lack of eye contact previously, but perhaps it is a new habit.

  • He likes you more than you think.


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