Being Abused and Used and whole lot of mixed feelings?

So I've known this guy since November and we lost touch... recently we started talking again, about 4 days ago. I feel like I've known him forever but I doubt he feels the same way. Anytime we have a silence while we are snapchatting or texting he will bring up something sexual like sex or something stupid just to break the awkward silence but it ends up making it worse... And I mean I feel like I'm being used. and I want to tell him this because I'm straight forward like that. He was talking about wanting me to come meet him at 10:00 at night and we haven't seen each other since April. I asked about going to the movies tomorrow and he said I don't know every time I asked him. I feel that we could really have a good relationship but now that I look at it, it looks like a bullshit relationship. Opinions and advice on what to say?

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I forgot to mention, when he brought sex up, I told him straight out I'm not having sex till I'm married and I'm not ashamed of that either. He also said the same (I know weird for a 4 day friendship/relationship thing)...


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  • He just wants the V. Cut the whore off. Find a real man.


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  • Well, he hasn't used you but you fear he might. If he doesn't want to hang out it sounds like that's that. Maybe make that clear (you're up for seeing where it goes but mean what you said about marriage) and if he doesn't change the standard "I don't know" response leave him to it.

    • thank you for the advice (:

    • but also, he said he wanted me to come meet him... but then he doesn't want to go to the movies? you're a guy, what would be your reason if you were in his place...

    • It does sound like he has some motive when he says he wants to meet. The best way to know is to go ahead with it. There's no obligation on your part and you've made your position clear. As long as you've seen him enough person to person that you can trust him that is.

  • I'd go with choice A do yourself a favor and stop wasting your time on that guy


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  • If you don't feel comfortable with the situation, you are in all right to stop. Now I think abused is a strong word for this situation, but it still isn't okay.

    It sounds like he just wants a physical relationship. There's nothing wrong with that but if you don't want it, you don't have to do anything.