Hung up on a guy I hardly know?

I guess I could say right now there isn't anything super exciting going on in life at the moment. Anyways I met a guy and he showed definite interest in me. We set up a date, he cancelled at the last minute, though he let me know he wasn't sure he could make it. He rescheduled only to cancel very late in the day (we never set a time). This really broke my mood, I was really looking forward to the date as I haven't had any real male attention in awhile (boy have I weirdos though). I feel so gullible, I've had guys bail w/no notice and I brushed it off and went on. Why I am so hung up on him? by the way I plan on deleting his number and completely ignoring him. I am not one to chase guys as I despise playing games.


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  • I concur with ihav2farts statement, I also believe he is very gassy. Give the guy one more chance and if he cancels again then this may warrent a reason to give up on him. Why did he cancel in the first place?

    • Once because he had a guy friend in from town (he told me ahead of time), the other time because he was too tired. He hasn't made anymore attempts to contact me since though (happened 2 days ago). I do not want to be the date he saves for day where he has nothing better to do.

    • That's understandable, and it kinda sucks that he cancelled a date because he was tired I wouldn't do that, but maybe he was. I would give him another 5 days to make an attempt and if he doesn't delete him from your phone because then it would be pretty evident that he's just wasting your time.

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  • Give the guy a chance, but let him know how you feel and that you will not tolerate what he has done and feel disrespected.

    I believe the guy is just nervous.

  • If he bailed twice he blew it did he even explain his situation to you? if he really cared he would make you understand why he couldnt make it if he didn't even off an explanation he wasn't worth it


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