Is there a certain way you kiss a girl?

I have never kissed a girl, but my friends say that your supposed to put one hand on her lower back, and the other in her hair. I'm not exactly sure what to do either, should I french kiss her, or not. I want to have good first kiss, and I'm not sure how.


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  • After some chatting, if she looks at your lips nervously and looks away until she looks back at your eyes, give a light smile while holding her hands, lean your face toward her and if she doesn't pull away, you're good. Don't just pucker and hold it. Use the whole kissing gesture the duration of which is extended by performing it at a lower speed. If she doesn't pull away after the first kiss sound, give her another one.


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  • There are many ways to kiss. Your friends don't know anything if they think who *have to* do this or that.

    One thing's for sure, a french kiss as a first time kiss with a girl is not a good idea. You don't know yet if she wants that with you already. Be a bit more reserved with your kiss at first, see how she reacts, how she kisses back. Then make your judgement whether it's a good idea to kiss a bit more intensely next time.


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