He said I was his girlfriend. Was he being serious?

I've been seeing this one guy for a few weeks now (6 weeks or so) and we haven't talked about whether we are girlfriend/boyfriend.

Yesterday, we went out to a bar and I went to go get drinks. The bartender started chatting me up and asked me where I was from.

I told the guy I've been seeing that the bartender was asking me where I was from. The guy I've been seeing then said that he heard it and that the bartender 'shouldn't be talking to my girlfriend' and that he should have a talk with him.

Was he being serious when he said that I was his girlfriend?


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  • Smh, some of these opinions are from cavemen and women... anyways...2 things happened there-

    1-He got jealous, which is an insecurity
    2-He also realized that if he doesn't "mark" his territory, he is going to lose it

    In a nutshell, yes you're officially bf/gf. To confirm, next time you see him say "I lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend" and wait for his reaction, that will tell you the truth. Good luck.


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  • Talk to him and discuss this issue. The sooner you do and clear the air the better. Good Luck.


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