Should I text him while he is on vacation (out-of-country)?

I met this guy online in February. We had a great first date, but we are both reserved, a bit shy. It seemed we were both unsure of each other's interest so it fizzled out. I e-mailed him last week, some things were clarified, and we picked up the banter right where we left off and the flirty (but innocent) exchanges. He is away this week. In our last e-mail, as we were talking about meeting again, I suggested he just message me when he returns. Instead, he texted me and we corresponded that way all weekend (We were both busy so could not meet then).

I texted him last evening before my sports game, wishing him a safe journey and he wrote back thanks and to have fun at my game. I'm not sure if he'll be charged roaming fees or not if I text him now while he's out of country. So I was thinking just message him next week when he returns, if he doesn't message me first.


I should mention, we both have WhatsApp (which uses wi-fi)... not sure if there are out-of-country fees for data usage?
Also, I don't want to seem clingy if I message or e-mail him during his vacation/work?


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  • What's even More important, for even if you end up shooting him an email, he will at least Know you are thinking of him Is------This second time around, you both have a chance to keep this 'Decided date mate' going Stronger Not allowing this to come full circle and-------Fizzle out.
    One of the most important things to remember in any relationship, dating or hooked at the hip is, open lines of communication and just the right chemistry is what it takes to keep the spark alive.
    After he returns, and the "Messages' Continue, I am quite sure you will know Now what you were not so sure about before.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Unless he has an international data plan and 90% of people out there don't, I wouldn't message him. International data charges can be insane. I went over one year and for 10 Facebook posts over 3 days about my trip ended up costing me like $230 additional. Now I have an international data plan...

  • Don't text him. When I was in Italy I had my phone on airplane mode the whole time to prevent extra fees. Either send him an email, fb message, a message through viber or imessage, or just wait out the week and either he'll reach out to you or you can pick it up when he gets back.

  • Since he is out of country he will be charged at roaming cost. But one message can be done. U should text him. If his sim will be on he will surely reply u.


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