How can you tell if someone genuinely enjoyed kissing you?

I got my first kiss recently and it was kind of awkward at first for me. I didn't really know what to do while he kissed me lol.

He kind of just kept going and I definitely got a lot more comfortable as he continued. I relaxed a lot more and it became a lot more enjoyable. By the end of the night I really liked kissing!

He knew it was my first kiss and smiled while he was kissing me at the end of the night, when I got a lot better lol.

He told me I picked up on it pretty quickly and that he liked it, and that it felt really good for him.

Do guys just say stuff like that? I told him he was probably just being nice and he said he meant what he said.

I do honestly get a genuinely interested vibe from him. He seems like he really wants to get to know me and doesn't push me to do anything I don't want to. He invests a lot of time with me and talking to me, also.


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  • If he said he enjoyed it and cotinued all night like you say. He licked it. If he was smilling he enjoyed it. If he was hard. He teally enjoyefd it


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  • If he said he enjoyed it then he enjoyed it, especially if he was smiling.

  • people react to kissing differently, but i guess if they keep wanting to kis you, they enjoyed it


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