I'm between a rock and a hard place right now. Is this girl still interested in me? And if so, what should I do?

This girl and I talked for a good month. Out of no where she broke it off with me. She was just getting out of a 4 1/2 year relationship with a guy who she told me was just a complete asshole to her who said he pretty much had her wrapped around his finger. She said she needed time to work on herself and just needs her space. When we were going out she told her family and friends how much she liked me and how she just talked about me all the time. So I left her alone like she wanted. This happen at the end of May. We've talked to each other a few times just checking up on one another. So, about two or three weeks ago she just like text me out of nowhere, telling me how much she missed me and how much she thinks about me and all this and it just seemed like it was when we were going out. So I threw it out there if she'd like to hangout and do something together and she she'd that she'd like that a lot. So we made plans to do something that weekend. Three days later she text me saying she couldn't go cause she had to be honest that she'd been talking to her ex boyfriend on and off again. That upset me so much and my emotions are just shot because of all this. She said she had to tell me cause she didn't want me to feel like I had to wait around on her because that wouldn't be fair to me. So I just told her I'd leave her alone and if she ever needed to talk or need anything she could contact me. I figured I'd never hear from her again. But this past Sunday she text me saying she walked in her house and her family was watching the movie I took her to see on our first date and it made her think of me. And how she also saw a shooting star and it made her think of me as well cause she saw her first shooting star with me too. And told me how that was the greatest night ever to her. She stopped texting me after talking a little while. The next morning she text me saying she's sorry she fell asleep on me and for me to have a good day :) is she still interested in me?

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  • she sounds like she is loosing interest:/


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