Boyfriend and I just got back together but he is hardly talking to me?

Yesterday evening we got back together. I have a control problem and that is what caused the breakup. I came over to his house and we talked for only ten minutes and he had me promise I wouldn't do that again I promised him and he hugged n kissed me on his own and said we were back together.
I am happy but the weird part is he is still acting distant! I said morning this morning and asked how he slept. He replied to me but then later this evening I asked how work was and no reply for hours. Whats going on does he need space? Shouldn't he bounce back into the relationship right away?


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  • LMAO

    ok listen to what u said, U got back with him YESTERDAY!!! calm down woman. its only been a day. u got him back, its ok to let him breath. If we hold on too tighly to the ones we love we end up losing them

    relax!!! u got him back just be happy

    • Thanks :)
      Tonight he ignored my text but then he blocked everyone from seeing his tags on facebook? I just feel like somthings going on whats your idea on that?

    • Don't worry for now. When u talk to him, simple ask him. Once u learn to control your anxieties, things will seem simpler. Don't assume.

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  • Truing to control again. Just give him his time. He'll get back eventually.

    • Thanks im really not trying to control again. Im just not sure what im supposed to be doing I worry if I don't send him messages he will think I don't care but then I worry im bugging him during his cool down time. So you think I should just let him be and let him do the contacting? What if its days

    • Then it's days. Women love to talk it out, men love to just get over it naturally. If you want to text do so but by no means ask what's wrong.

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