Is he screwing with my head? Do guys ever play head games? What's the reason if they do?

I've been seeing this guy for a few months now. We spent Friday evening together, we watched a movie, had sex, then I went home because I had to work the next day. We chatted a bit on Saturday but not for that long as we were both busy. Then he texted me Sunday morning...

Him: Good Morning
Me: Morning
Him: How r u?
(I didn't answer right away because I got busy)
Him: I had a wonderful time the other night. Thank You.
Him: I have to send my phone in to get fixed. I have back up phone. So we can still text.
Him: Will you text me at 2pm plz.
(After about 30 minutes I was able to text him back)
Me: I'm fine. How are you? I had a nice time the other night too.
Me: Okay, I'll text you around 2.

Well I got busy that day and didn't end up texting him until 830 that night. He never replied so I texted him again Monday afternoon but still nothing. This is not like him he always replies, at the most it takes a few hours...
It's now Wednesday and I haven't heard from him. Do you think he's just screwing with my head because I didn't text him like I said I would? Are guys really like that? I'm not into playing head games and this seems like he is. I could be overreacting because I'm a girl and I know girls can do that sometimes. I just don't get it and wonder what you guys think...


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  • He probably felt like you were playing games by not texting like you said you would. So now he's blowing you off for playing games. Ah the joys of dating.

    • Any advice on what I should do?

    • Just try tell him that you are really sorry that you weren't able to text that day, try explaining how busy you were and that you weren't playing games. See how he responds to that.

    • Thank you.

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  • the guy is immature.

  • He actually said it all cause girls play mind games with guys so he probably busy also or he is definitely blowing you off.


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