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During the school year I took this girl I met up at college out a few times. We had a good time but I never really considered her as something more than a friend. When the school year ended she wrote me a note saying how much she had enjoyed the time we spent together among other things and she certainly got my attention. Unfortunately, she left to Washington D. C. for an internship all summer long. The distance didn't stop us from texting, talking, and skyping every single day and I have developed romantic feelings for her. Then she dropped the bomb. She is leaving on a religious mission for 18 months in October leaving us only about 1 month together before she leaves. Part of me wants to tell her just how deeply my feelings run but the other part wants to respect her desire to serve others through this religious mission. I know she likes me back, I'm not sure if she would actually stay behind for me, and I am not quite sure what to do about it. Any thoughts? Ideas? Advice? Thanks!


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  • Mission trips are life changing. Let her go and serve others... When she comes home if it is meant to be I am sure that things will fall in place for the both of you! :) if she really has strong feelings for you, I have no doubts in my mind that she is praying for the lords guidance on this decision in her life and about you -just as you seek advice from the gag community. Spend as time with her this month. Ask about emailing her or writing - they still are able to communicate on missions for the most part. Things are going to be fine.

    What an amazing journey she is embarking on! Do know this... When she gets home - she won't be the same. Missions forever change your heart and humble you - 18months is a lot witnessing of God.


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  • sounds like every things already a done deal, I know when i was going to go study in italy for a semester if the girl i liked had told me how she felt it wouldn't have done any good, i would have still left for no other reason then because everything was prepared already and set into motion, at that point i couldn't just cancel my plans, so learning about her feelings for me would have only made me constantly wonder why she didn't tell me sooner and what if i hadn't left, it would have been on mind pretty often I'm sure. Considering she's gonna be gone for longer my advice is hold your tongue, no good will come from confessing your feelings at this point in time. I hope this helps.