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Im in high school by the way. My ex and I have been on and off 3 times since I cheated on her by kissing a girl at a party from another school. We both agreed we were both each others first proper love and I know she has feelings still because she told me on text I will always be someone special to her that shared amazing memories. But its the summer and we haven't been talking much, and when school starts in less than a month, I wanna get back with her and start fresh and forget about the mistake of last year. We are right now close sort of friends (we still flirt and say naughty stuff on text) but I don't want to be chasing a prey that is faster than me. Should I fight for her this coming school year?


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  • Depends on if you truly feel for the girl, Do you see yourself staying with her for the rest of next year and resisting the temptations of other girls? if not then it's not worth it, because there will be others you feel the need to "chase". However if you are truly serious about the girl simply confess your love and tell her you really were stupid for kissing the girl and you regret that you did it every time you think of how much more beautiful and awesome your she is to you and if that doesn't do it I don't know what will.


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