I think he's playing games help?

I've been talking to this guy and I haven't seen him in 2 weeks he always makes excuses that he's busy but randomly called me one night saying I could come over at 1 am in the morning but saying he was sorry we couldn't hang out that Sunday because he told me were going to and hasn't texted me in 3 days and i always initiate the text now a days and today he texted me around 6 saying "Hey I'm sorry I haven't texted you this week. How are you?" I don't know what I should say back to him or how I should take it he told me he was still interested in me when I told him I don't think he is anymore and told me to stop worrying and he wants what I want but I feel like he is playing games


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  • This guy doesn't care. He is definitely playing games with you. This sounds like typical player behavior. Most likely you are one of several girls he is talking to. The best thing to do in this situation is to simply get out. No man is worth the emotional torment that he will put you through.

    • Yeah i figured that and i really liked him too. I even put myself out there letting it be known that I do like him but im going to go with your answer. Should I even text back or say anything back to him? thanks

    • I recommend you just ignore him. You don't mean anything to him. Why should he mean anything to you.

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