Do I Love or Erase all memories and walk out?

I've been with my boyfriend for about a 2 months now. and we have connected seriously mentally. However we've never kissed and we hold hands sometimes we don't see other all the time and i'm moving soon like an hour away he is the clingy romantic type and he even said I love you way before I did but i feel like this is going no where I have a career now and am moving to pursue my new life should I still be involved with him and try to make this work or should i just end it save him the heartbreak and walk out?


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  • You will not be saving him from a heart break you will just make him suffer from it earlier, you should continue the relationship and see what happens cuz If you don't then you might regret it in the future


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  • I don't get it. If you love someone you don't end it because of geography.

    • Hi um can we talk, but it won't let me message you because your settings

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    • Ok so tell him what you want and what you need, be open about it, then if he doesn't change you have your answers.

    • Hi Melissa I didn't realise my settings I've changed them now lol. I'm in and out but feel free to message.

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  • U should follow ur heart with out leading him on tell him your feeling and if u feel it's going now where listen do wats best for u think about ur decision completely don't jump off a cliff take ur time if u do decide to end it sit him down and explain y and let him down easy guys can be hurt just like girls can