I found out a man I began to like lied to me about everything although we didn't know each other long i'm still hurt. Should I confront him?

I met this man back in June that I started to really like but then I discovered that he lied about his entire life to me. He lied about his age, his job and his country of birth and many other things. At first I went absolutely irate and texted him to never to talk to me again because of all the things he lied about and probably went a bit over board iand said a few things i probably should not have. Which I kind of feel bad about. I was hurt that he lied about everything and that I was completely honest and told him a few personal things. It's been around 5 to 6 weeks since I last spoke or seen him, then he came into my work to buy something. Now I am upset all over again and can't get it out of my mind it is driving me crazy. I want to know why he lied about everything when I was honest. I know I told him to never contact me again but now I want to contact him and ask him why. Would that be a bad decision? I just want to stop being angry.


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  • I would forget him, he lied about his age/job/country of birth etc.. Those are pretty major things to lie about, well not being able to admit where you came from/age is ridiculous. CATFISH

  • Confront him about it and see why he lied to you cause there could be a good reason.

    • Do you think it would be weird since I waited so long to say anything?

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    • we aren't in a relationship we were in the process of getting to know each other. so its not a matter of whether im going to leave him or not. i just want closure and to resolve my anger.

    • Tell him you want to know everything if he wants you has a girlfriend and would you be his girlfriend after this do you think you could if he tells you everything and the reason he lied to you?

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