Where can you meet single girls?

So I just got out of a relationship. I've haven't had a ton of luck with the online dating stuff in the past so I'd like to meet someone the old-fashioned way. Where's a good place to meet single girls (age 24-30) that might be open to getting hit on / flirted with? Or what are some sorts of clubs/activities where I could meet single girls?


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  • https://www.eventsandadventures.com/
    It might seem cheesy, but it's the only club I know of especially for meeting single people (and they actually have some pretty fun sounding events). Otherwise just go places you really enjoy (library, park, etc.) and go out of your way to talk up a girl, strike up a conversation based on mutual interest in an activity, and gauge her level of interest for you. Sometimes you just have to slow down and look up to realize there's great people all around you.


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  • It all depends on the kind of girls you're looking for. There's always the classic bar/club scenario, but you could meet people anywhere. A cafe, a book store, or a random park! Activity-wise, I would probably just take part in things you like. You don't want to go "sniffing" for girls.


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