Should I go back to my ex or should I move on?

After 4 months of breaking up with my last girl.. I have been talking with my ex again..

The reason we broke up was when I needed her the most.. She wasn't there.. I tried to make things work but in the end.. We parted our ways..

After talking with her, we started to hang out and things started to change.. She was more friendly, more affectionate than before..

But tonight though, I asked her if she would like to grab dinner Friday night but all I get are these one word answer.. Yes and no..

I though she would change for the better good but with all these signs.. She is going back to her old ways..

This is what I been dealing with the last year, I give 110% into all my relationships but I'm getting 30 or maybe 40 % at most..

What is it? Is my luck just that bad.. People say you get what you put into your relationships, and here I'm going above and beyond but the results aren't there.

I told my ex.. Let's try and make this work.. I really miss seeing you and she felt the same way..

But here she is, giving me all these one word answers.. I'm not asking a whole not.. I been there for her whenever whatever and now this is what I get in return?

What am I doing wrong here ladies? Is there something missing that I'm not seeing?

From day 1 of all the relationships I been in, I have put my girlfriends in 1st place... I'm not asking to be there for me 24/7, give me something.. Throw me a bone or something. I understand you have a busy life, so do I.. But I want to see you at the end of the day.. See how her day was.

One thing I can't stand her is, everything has to be on her terms.. I'm bringing my end of the relationships, why can't she bring something to the table and make everything work.

I don't mind meeting someone new but the time it takes to know an person is long.. And I don't want to play all these games just to know you aren't it.. Is just so frustrating.. I rather know upfront than 9 months later.


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  • You're doing nothing wrong. It takes very long for some girls to realise what they have or what they lost. I suggest you move on. She's not worth the second chance.


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