Guys would you sleep with a girl with this physical appearance?

her body mesurements. 32b-28-38.

height 5"2 1/2.

weight 108 lbs.

hot or not?

im only asking this on purely physical wise...

but ofcorse you would just sleep with her based on pyhsical appearance i know some guys would like to get to know the gurl and know her personality, i get it, but then again keep in mind im only asking this for purely physical appearance wise,


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  • Well I wouldn't sleep with a girl purely based on physical attraction, but regardless it's pretty hard to be attracted to numbers and statistics. For all I know your eyes are on your stomach, lol.


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  • Numbers < Pics

    Too hard to gauge whether or not I'd be interested. Personality means something too.

  • I dont know maybe?

    • that really isn't an answer dear,...-_-

    • Well I dont see why not. If she has a cute personality. If were both horny and alone. Sure I think I would.

    • ok, thanks for your option, it was good,..

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