Should distance really matter in my relationship situation?

I've recently entered this conundrum with my boyfriend. We live about 50 miles apart, and it's a 45 minute drive to each other. We can't see each other more then either once week, or once every two weeks, because of work.

He is having trouble standing the distance between the two of us, and the time between when we hang out. He's used to seeing this his girlfriends daily, and I'm more used to seeing my boyfriends once or twice a week. If I do any more, I'm afraid I'll get too clingy.

If I lived with him, it would be different, and when I tried to. explain that to him yesterday, he told me enough already, mostly because I repeated myself.

He considers a 45 minute drive a long distance relationship, and he says that they NEVER work out for him.

I really care about him, and I don't. think distance should. ever matter.

What should I do in this situation, and should distance really matter?


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  • Distance should not matter. Where I live you go through our state in 45 minutes. I am not much of a driver. However if I truly care for that person I will drive. I believe a few people telling you it's something else. It just might be. If HE !! Truly!! CARES FOR YOU. He will travel and if he doesn't move on. You don't need to getting hurt. Good luck


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  • He sounds needy, 45 minutes Is nothing. I've dated girls that lived that far away and seeing once a week. The only I'm daring now lives about 1/2 hr away, eventually I would like to bump up the meetings to twice a week. Once a week in the beginning is just fine, it gives you a chance to miss the other person and allow the attraction process to flourish into love. Not to mention it allows you to wonder about the other person... I do t know about you but personally I like having someone to look forward to and thinking about her all the time.

  • well this distense isn't matter at all ! but maybe there is something else !

  • distance shouldn't matter, but you have to close that distance at some point

  • I would call it a trust issue


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  • My SO and I live half an hour from each other. I don't consider it long distance. We usually spend a couple of nights a week together. I honestly don't feel like it affects our relationship at all.

    it sounds like he's either worrying too much or making excuses. Is he open to moving in together?

    • He's open to moving in with me after 5-6 months of dating, s which I think is pretty decent. We've been together just under. 2 months. He is worrying a lot, because when he's been in long distance relationships before, he. cheated, he he doesn't want to subject me to that

      I'm a little scared to be honest

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    • That's what I'm trying to do, I'm perfectly willing to make this work out, and he said he'll try too. He's going to a few mutual friends for advice later today , i

    • Well hopefully they calm his nerves. I'd definitely be cautious about the cheating though.

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