Randomly giving girl a stuffed animal?

We're friends at the moment, meet once a week in a group thing. Just asked her if she wanted to go for a walk, but I forgot she has leg problems, so she can't. Thinking about getting her a stuffed animal, and maybe ask if she wants to go to the movies... How does that sound?


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  • I think that's really cute :D


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  • Do not do that at all. Do not buy gifts for women you are not dating. Just ask her out without the bear.

    • What's wrong with that? I think it's really sweet.

    • Here's why. And you know this to be true. If you found me attractive, you would go out with me whether I bought you a stuffed animal or not.

      So here's what happens: Guy buys stuffed animal for girl. Guy asks girl out. Girl doesn't like guy but accepts stuffed animal, but rejects the offer for a date. This repeats over time and guy eventually gets broke and bitter.


      Guy just asks girl out. He gets rejected. This repeats over time. He still may be bitter but he at least has all this money he was blowing on stuffed animals.

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