The girl of my dreams and we fell in love but it went bad and I lost her will I ever find another like this?

So I wasn't out looking for the love of my life or the perfect girl but just by accident we meat and fell in love. It was great and I can't remember feeling this way ever before or feeling something like this from another person. She was everything I could have ever hoped for and more and I never imagined that I could find a girl that I found so appealing to me and at the same time have a great relationship with at the same time just cuddle or talk and still have mind blowing sex at the same time.
It's like we had know each other for years and were great friends but were attracted to each other at the same time. It was like we smelled good to each other and we couldn't keep our hands of each other like we wanted to bite each other every time we saw each other. We both told each other that we were in love with one another and have never felt this way before even though we had been with other people.
But things went bad and we weren't able to be together in fact we're not even talking to each other and we both gave each other plenty of reasons to hate each other and never want to see ourselves again.
I'm really sad that this happened it's killing me because I think it's very possible we'll never talk again so there's no chance of us ending up together.

But I find myself afraid that I might never again meet a girl that I'll have the same feelings that we'll have the same feelings as I did here. I have been in a relationship that I didn't feel what I should have. But now I know what things should look like what they should feel like when it's right and I'm afraid I'll never find it again.

How do I deal with these two issues? On one hand losing something so great and then at the same time trying to get over it and being afraid I'll never find it again?

Thanks for the help or input.


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  • I can't promise you that you will. But you chances of success are directly correlated to the attitude you have towards it.

    • Ok so what you're trying to say is that if I believe that I will find someone else I just might right?
      What's putting me of a little is that in all the time and all the women I've meat or been with she's the only one that I felt like this with. That's what's making me nervous about it.