Is this just a coincidence or something more?

This girl and I had a thing going back and forth at work for a long time. Her and I talked also everyday at certain points. She would sometimes flirt with my buddy I know, but I never saw them talk we did. Is see her flip her hair and smile kind if thing. There were quite a few times she did this in front of me, a couple times she watched me while she did it. This made me jealous and I didn't like it so I started to ignore her. I also started skipping our once a month group lunch outings. Not long after I started skipping she stopped going to them all together and has missed the last 8 of them. She works in a different dept so outside of us occasionally meeting this was a way for me I see her for an extended period of time. She used to go to all of them so I feel like his has something to do with me. We are constantly up and down with each other, sometimes good sometimes bad and ignoring. There was a group outing recently she asked if I was going to, I said yes and she called in sick. There was another time she did something similar like this. Then in a meeting last week I was surprised she went first of all. In the meeting she keeps looking u see if in looking at her, which I wasn't. Then I look at her and she quicky looks then away. Then she just gets up and leaves the meeting half way through. I can't help but think she is doing this because of me but I could be wrong. It just seems like more than a coincidence?


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  • Maybe she didn't go away because of you but came there because of you and lost interest after she realised that you don't feel the same.

    • That's what someone else said, but I only really skipped like 3 or four and started going back after that, I never really tell he straight up if I'll be there or not, kind of keeping on toes. When it was my turn to pick a few months ago she emailed me and said she was too busy to go. It's really weird I don't get it. Neither do other people..

    • Hmmm, maybe she started for you and kept going because she enjoyed it? Or maybe she skipped those classes because she had something going wrong in her life and she didn't tell you what it was since you weren't talking with her anymore?

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