Girl / coworker (with a boyfriend) used to like me, but now she seems to be avoiding me. I am very confused and angry. What should I do?

First, a bit about myself (I think this might help somewhat). I'm 24, working on my first awesome job, studied abroad, speak four languages, got a brand new car on my own, and seem to have a brilliant future. I'm a very centered guy, I don't drink/smoke, don't go around trying to sleep with every girl that crosses my path, find most of the guys around my age very immature, and have only ever had two gf's. I'm a big nerd/geek as well.

The situation: two months ago, a girl of my same age was hired at my company (not same department).

I do a long commute to work (1hr), so I pass by the town where she lives everyday. And... that's how we met: for the first few weeks, I would drop her at her town (around 20min ride from work).

We would chat about everyday things on our way back from work. She told me she had a bf, so I never tried anything with her. I wouldn't have done so anyway, given my nature.

So, after a few weeks, I noticed that she started becoming very flirty with me, but still, I never tried anything with her (I'd hate to ruin someone's relationship). But after a while, it grew on me. I never do anything wrong, but for the first time I thought "well, maybe I deserve a little fun... and maybe she is about to break up with her bf, or something." In any case, we went out to the movies on a weekend.

That was like a month ago. We would chat at work and so every once in while from then until now. We didn't go out again because we were both busy. So, I tried (and succeded) in not falling for her.

A few days ago, I realized I really like her. So, I invited her, but she is been having lots of work and started taking classes after work. She said that she would be this busy for two weeks.

I noticed that she doesn't talk to me at all anymore, and even seems to be AVOIDING me. She was so chatty back then.

So, how come that as soon as I realized I like her, she seems to have changed her mind? It's driving me crazy! Is this the silent treatment?

: (


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  • i wouldt bother with a girl who has a bf, she cheated on him by going to the movies with u, why would u even trust a chick like that? mad shady. she sounds like an attention whore she likes the attention u give her she has no real feelings for u.


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  • Well, seems that you both liked each other, and she decided to stay true to her boyfriend dude. Simply put.

  • She has nothing for you bro. She was just flirty. You don't really mean anything to her. You are over analyzing it.

    • Perhaps. But it was very notorious that she "had" something for me. Even at work, all my other coworkers would comment on how she seemed to be all over me (without any of them knowing that I had gone out with her).

      She suggested going out to the movies on that ocassion.

      Ahhhhrrrgggs... you're right... I'm overanalyzing : (


    • Believe me... it was your illusion to believe that she likes you. Reality is different. Our inexperienced minds can be fooled easily.