Why hasn't he text me, have I done something wrong or am I just being used?

I met this great guy and we met up and messed around a little. I spoke to him 2 days later and we were sending some sexy messages. But I messaged him yesterday to ask a question and he hasn't responded. He's been online and so on, but he just hasn't text. My friends are saying not to message so I don't seem desperate, but I just don't know. Do i just send a quick hello or do I just leave him?


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  • Just shoot him a text and ask him what are his plans and then meet him. Nothing desperate about that, let him construe whatever he wants from this, you're dating him because you like him - get to know him and see his true colours.


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  • Be on Alert with the Pay no mind texts... If he has gotten your "messages' and hasn't bothered to send One in return, I find it rude and crude that he do This----Especially After the Kiss, if you get my drift.
    To me it's a Red Flag, One not to ignore. And if you Do see 'He's been online and so on, but he just hasn't text,' then he may be "busy' Pushing Other buttons...
    But to be fair, for I try and give someone the benefit of my doubt, shoot him a text, just for the sake of argument, in case he Didn't get yours. And if Still no Reply, then Forget him, move on. You would have gotten your answer to some questions that you may have already 'Answered And along with this----Gotten his number as well.
    Good luck. xx