Would you date someone you met online?

question is pretty simple. I met a guy who seems nice but we talk every other day. he says he wants to see me but I don't know if he's serious. how do I know he's serious about me?


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  • First off, just be careful meeting someone online. Always meet in a public place the first time or two.

    That being said, I met my current girlfriend of 2+ years online and haven't been happier since.

    It's hard to tell how serious someone is, especially online, because they can easily be telling any number of girls the same thing at the same time just to see who will bite. There is nothing wrong with going forward with this guy and seeing if he is really interested or not. But at the same time I would suggest you use caution and don't dive in head first.

    • Were you guys in the ame country?

    • Yeah, we actually lived about 2min away from each other lol.

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  • Define "serious about me." He's asked about meeting, so he's probably serious about wanting to meet face-to-face.

    Have you and him talked about your relationship goals? If not, that should be your next step. Establish what you want, and learn what he wants, so you know if you two might be compatible.

    Otherwise, I say meet him if it seems like you two have a connection. But proceed *very* slowly. People can say anything about themselves online, and it can be difficult to verify. Don't be paranoid, but move slowly each step of the way.

    • We have both said we're serious about meeting. thanks

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