Why do guys act so weird around me?

Guys are so weird around me! They can't look me in the eyes, they stutter sometimes or they look uneasy (with the exception of my close guy friends) for example once I was ordering food and the cashier was telling me what's inside a sandwich but he was busy with something, when he finally looked up at me he started to stutter and look everywhere. And once I was meeting my friends at the mall and one of their friends was there (I barely know him) before I came. Once I finally arrived I said hi to everyone and then to him, he looked at me as of I had two heads eying me with interest confusion and uneasiness but he definitely didn't seem annoyed with my presence. Once he left I asked my friends what his deal was, they said that when they told him I was coming he said 'she's coming?' With I think a horrified tone. Now I'm not beautiful but I do get complements on my looks so I don't think I'm ugly, I'm athletic easygoing and hyper. So to say I'm confused is an understatement :/ anyone has an idea why the guys are acting this way? Thanks for the help and sorry for the long paragraph :$


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  • One of 5 things is happening-

    1- You are super hot
    2- You are super ugly
    3- You have nice set of tits on display
    4- You have DSL (dick sucking lips) when you talk all the guy can picture is you sucking his cock
    5- You have a deformity you yourself don't know about


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  • You might be a lot more attractive than you think you are.

  • You have that kind of affect on guys. You should be flattered more than anything.

  • Sounds like a classic case of "holy shit she's amazing, what do I say?"


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