I like him, what should I do?

I really like a guy that I've been talking to for a month now. He seems great and I'm comfortable around him, I can be myself. The only down side is , he seems busy alot. He works in the ER so that is a pretty demanding job and he also goes to school. I usually talk to him every day, every other day lately. And lately his our conversations are a bit brief. He doesn't always reply back to my messages fast but he said he was a bad texter. I really like him but I haven't even had a chance to tell him how I feel or ask him what he wants because he's been busy. I asked him if he was too busy to get to know me and he said he's not too busy but it seems like it. Maybe I'm being impatient because I want more from him now? If I talk to him about how he feels etc I want his undivided attention. I don't know what to do and I don't know how he feels about me. I mean he took me on a date and he makes a effort to see how I'm doing and he's even kissed me twice. It feels like he's taking things really slow. How do I find out how he feels? Do I try to ask him or should I just wait for him to say something? And should I fall back a little and not text him again until he texts me?


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  • He sounds 'Very busy,' which is probably Why he wants to take things Slow and easy right now. The guy Obviously doesn't have time for a Real 'Demanding' Relationship, so this Why he is the way he is with you.
    Accept things right now for what they will be. I don't see where you have much of a choice. I realize you 'Want his undivided attention,' but you may not always get it from him.
    If you have been pushing Most of the buttons, Wait until he sends you one now. I know from my own experience that Many of today's toms are terrible Texters, and this one is no exception. And also Wait until he finds some time to Ask you out on a---Second date. This, along with a few messages that matter, should be a Big Test in my book to let you know----How he feels. It's a start.
    I do believe it is way too soon, being you both haven't nurtured and nursed anything just yet, to say anything about his feelings. I also believe he doesn't want to get into Anything Heavy at the moment, not be hooked at the hip. And if he likes you enough, down the road, he will find some time, in between his work and whatever Other priorities he has, to see you when he can.
    Good luck. xx

    • I guess in the meantime I should do the same and just pull back a little. If something is meant to happen I guess he will initiate it.

    • Yes, exactly... Don't wait around, go out and meet people, socialize with friends... I once in a relationship, where the guy had this 12 hour a day, 6 days a week job, and I rarely saw him... He had other priorities that also needed to be attended to, for it's very hard to spread yourself thin.. True, if Old Mother Nature has it meant for you both to be together, she will sow the seeds you wish to reap. However, even then, he will always be 'On call,' and most likely not much available, even if hooked at the hip with you or just anyone... You sound like the kind of girl who needs someone who you can count on to be there for you, be in a loving relationship, have love and security, and this is very normal.. He is in an 'Antsy atmosphere,' but the price you pay when you are in this line of work.

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  • Upto you if you're impatient, he sounds busy enough that it could take a while left to his own devices.

    • What do you mean?

    • If he's really that busy and you can't wait, then go for it. Ask him.

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  • You shouldn't have to ask if he likes you he will pursue you just go about your own life and let him contact you