Is it normal for a guy who says he likes you to comment on other girls profile pics?

So I'm curious to know if it's normal for a guy who says he likes you to comment on other girls profile pics about how pretty they look, yet he never comments on yours. Also what do you think of him posting pictures with other girls on social media if it's only a platonic relationship with those girls?


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  • It is odd that he doesn'tn comment on yours unless you are in a relationship already and he tells you personally. I am actually like this to a certain extent. I don't think we pay compliments enough to people and when I see someone looking particularly good I'll make note of it. Most times I do it privately as posting on a social media pic is like screaming it to the world.

    However, I've done it and not meant it to be a come on - but rather just letting a girl know that all that time in the gym and whatnot is paying off.

    I guess it depends on the comment too.

    There is a difference in my mind between :
    "Wow, looking smoking hot there baby!"


    "Wow - looking great! You haven't aged in 5 years!"

    Again - does he compliment you in person? Maybe he's not into doing it just for public benefit but because he doesn't see the other people in real life the only interaction is social media.

    I guess it depends on his personality over all. I can just say that I don't think we give compliments to each other enough and a picture the only thing you can compliment on is looks. It would be weird to say 'you smell great in this pic'. lol


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