Potential Girlfriend likes to dance but I don't know how. What should I do?

I went out with a girl and things went well. Later in the week we saw each other at a group event that involved some dancing. I've never danced before so I told her that and just went out there and didn't worry about whether I looked silly. She definitely wants to see me again so she must have had fun.

Do girls like to teach a guy how to dance, or should I do something else with her and go out with some friends and have them teach me before I go dancing with her again? As long as I'm willing to do what she asks and not be shy or afraid to look silly will she have fun?

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  • She will enjoy teaching you. it will be something you get to do together. I taught a couple of my exes how to dance and we still joke about their rhythm to this day. :) It is about having a good time, not about being a professional.


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  • I'm sure she would find it totally adorable that you want her to teach her, I know I would!


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  • I can't dance to save my life either. Dont worry too much she can teach you. My gf is slowly teaching me.