What should I do about this situation? kinda impossible?

ok so im "going out" with a guy. nice, good looking, but its been harder recently having convos as im busy with work and I've been away for a while so we text. im not as attracted to him as i was at first. then i met this other guy at work. he's really sweet and genuine and incredibly attractive. he really seems to get me. only problem is im 16 and he's 18 so not exactly legal. plus he's in college, im in high school, and i dont even know where he lives so i dont know if he lives nearby or not. he is just so very nice and he is so genuine like when we're talking about my life, he seems completely interested and not just being polite. the first guy is nice too but its just harder to have a convo with him and we both feel really awkward talking to each other (hes my age btw). i dont know. so i really like guy #2 but can't have him, which makes me seriously doubt my liking for this other guy even though we have a ton in common so im considering breaking up with him but i know as soon as i do, ill realize how good i had it/ be lonely and ill want him back. FTW do i do?

which should i choose? stay with guy #2 and not get guy 1 or stay with guy 2 and see how things go?
I've already taken many days off of both i just need to know what to choose please answer!!


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  • It doesn't sound impossible. (I am confused by your numbers for the guys. I think they are backwards in your update, so I will call the younger one 'guy 1', and the older one 'guy 2' OK?).

    It seems like you are just sort of meh about guy 1, you don't interact/communicate real well. Plus it seems like you lack chemistry.
    Guy 2 on the otherhand , sounds like he covers everything that is lacking in your thing with guy 1. Don't worry about the age, many couples are 2 years apart, just don't do anything foolish that could get you guys is serious trouble.
    You should persue who you feel like you interested in. Guy 2 sounds like the clear choice from what I got out of your question. Sounds like you should give it a shot, and not let him slip by.

    • that is exactly how i feel but if guy 2 and i date, we would be fired from our job (a job that we both love) and besides, we could be friends but im not going to see him again till next summer (summer job) and if we were to hang out in the meantime, that would look bad and we could get fired. iKnow in a few years age won't matter but laws are what makes this so difficult (and yes i understand why theyre there to keep creeper pedos from hooking up with kids but a 16 year old from dating a 18 year old? come on!

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  • take a few days off of them both... clear your head then think it all over again then see where it will lead you


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  • Being Guy#1 is not full of Convo and apparently Not Into you like you are Not into him, and Guy#2 is older, and you, like Him as well, probably Don't Want to start something with him that perhaps You may not be able to finish because you're Under 18, live under mom and dad's roof, and find it could Get----Complicated--------'Choose please to Stay friends with Both boys, sweetie. Smartest, Safest thing to do All way round.
    Good luck. xx

    • *guy 1 is seriously into me, me not as much

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    • i think my parents would be ok with him its just the legal aspect of him being over 18 and our possible losing our jobs should we go out :(

    • Oh, I see, yes, they may frown on that... Be discreet... And if there is a way, with mom and dad's help who has your consent and blessings, it can be worked out... My sister and her boyfriend spent a lot of time at our home and his... xx

  • Talking is okay but u make the decision of not wanting to continue it if you feel under pressure with him.

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