My bf has a 14 y-o step sister and she likes him and she said if you don't want him can I have him, I said no you'll just have to find you another?

If you have a little step sister or a little step brother and you though they was cute or whatever would you have sex with that person or let them squirt on you or give you head? or whatever?

not trying to be rude or anything but, i'm 17 so can you give me real advice insted of a little info of what i'm asking, Because the other day she asked me can she give my boyfriend a blowjob and i said are you joking she said no can i?


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  • I wouldn't. She's like family to me and she's 16, and I'm 23.


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  • No I would definitely not? They are related to you for fuck sake!
    And I don't think she meant it like that -.-


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