I Need to Choose between two guys, how?

I Have this two guys that I like and I need to choose which one I what. The first guy is great. He lives in Virginia. He works on cars and does tattoos. He has his own apartment. He willing to give me a 2nd chance because about 3 months ago. I lost him Because of my stupid self I cheated. Then there the 2nd guy. He a security guard. He lives with his sister. I don't want to hurt any of them but I know that I will hurt one of them please help me.


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  • In my opinion you have to go to the first guy, the one who gave you a second chance cause simply he forgiven you. You didn't do a simple mistake, you did the worst "Cheating" and in my opinion a guy who can forgive you for that is the guy who loves you most, I respect your feelings to the other guy but come on, the first guy deserves something special from you now as a thank you for what you did to him!

    Try this time to really keep him. As a man I won't forgive a girl cheated on me and that guy is an extraordinary man so show him the best of you. Hope this helps you :-)

  • I'd say try to 2nd guy. He sounds more grounded and he might treat you better.


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