Should I date a Co-Worker?

6 months ago I came out of a 7 year relationship very suddenly and found it very hard to deal with. I am over it now and have become very close to someone at work. I am pretty confident she feels the same way and things are starting to get a little bit awkward because of the mixed signals between us. I would really like to ask this girl out but during the split with my ex, work was the only normal part of my life which at the time I was very grateful for.

I am worried that if i do ask this girl out and she says yes things might get uncomfortable in the future if we have an argument or split up especially as we work on the same floor and there would be no getting away from each other.

I do not want things to be awkward between us, and I am thinking whether it is just better to be honest and say I do really like her but try to explain that because we work together and because work was the only stable part of my life during my split with my ex I don't think it is a good idea to date.

I am hoping this might clear the air but at the same time concerned that it might make matters worse. I just wondered what other people thoughts on this would be?

I would also add that she sent me a text the other night saying she had not gone to see a film because she felt sad about seeing it on her own and wanted to share the experience. At which point I replied saying I would be happy to see it with her even though I had already seen it.
She replied saying gotcha!! I did go to see it.

This annoyed me at the time and this is why I am thinking whether it is just best for me to be honest about the whole thing.


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  • Personally, I would not find someone on the outside. If things do not work out work is got to be hard. It happened to me 23 years ago. I fell in love with now my son's father. We were together two years before my son came along. I became pregnant we was going get married. But he cheated on me with my ex best friend that was good I make my wedding gown. I now raising my son alone I did not return to the workplace because it was awkward. So may I say just be careful "you don't get hurt" just by your writing seem to be a nice person. I will give you an old metaphor "there are plenty fish sea in they will come your way" good luck in whatever decision you make.


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  • mixed signals suck - go ahead and be straight up with her but ask her out cuz if you don't want to date her that will kind of dis value (can't think of the right word) you saying that you like her. I've dated a guy I worked with and we broke up and it was totally fine (no one else knew we were dating so that helped too)

    • I mean you could explain why you're worried about dating and see what she thinks... she'll definitely appreciate you telling her you like her though

  • honesty is good at least it will clear the air about things and she won't think you're playing her but yea honestly make a decision and stick to it cause u dont wanna lead someone on and give false hope, i dont think its a bad idea a lot of people meet at work, its cause u work close together u get to know each other and see the real them... but yea i wouldn't even bother bringing up the ex, no one wants to be compared to or know about ur past, if im interested in a man, i want him to WANT ME and only me and not think about any other chick ex or not she shouldn't be relevant. u have to decide whats important to u, ur non awkwardness at work or u having a relationship and not being lonely at night. i personally believe in love and i think if u balance the two u can have both.


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