Girls how do you treat the guy you like compared the guy you are just friends with?

I'm getting mixed signals from this girl. I mean I've been told by her bestfriend that she actually does like me, but I'm still confused. She always messaging me first, when we're together she's always teasing me and she always wants to hangout and talk. But some days she's really distant. I'm bad when it comes to girls, so I just need a little help figuring this out.

So girls how would you treat a guy you actually like compared to one you only like as a friend?


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  • First off, she likes you. And she's probably trying to play some sort of hard-to-get. Or maybe just has a lot of bad days. Or maybe she get sad because she wants to be with you but she thinks you don't.

    I say go for it. Really.

    a guy friend and an crush are pretty much treated the same for me, except with a crush, i might try to take interest in things i normally wouldn't to try and get his attention. It's different for every girl, but dude she totally likes you. If her best friend says it it's true. don't doubt the best friend.

    • Thanks :) I notice that she picks up little things that I say and starts saying them. And she like remembers the smallest details about me. Thanks for the reassurance. :D

    • That's a definite right there. I do that all the time to my bf.

      And no problem! I wish you good luck not that i think you'll need it!

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  • I think her best friend was telling you the truth b/c she probably hears her talk about you a lot. And even with the guy that I like sometimes I'm distant. Sometimes it doesn't have anything to do with him and sometimes I just want him to put in more effort, so I won't call first or I'll act really casual around him. It sounds like she likes you but maybe she's just hesitant b/c she doesn't know how you feel. You say she always wants to hangout? Well have you actually hangout? If she initiates the idea a lot but it never happens then that can make her retreat and have doubts about whether you're interested. Try asking her out on a date.

    • Yeah I'm sure he bestfriend is telling the truth, they always talk about me when they're together. And yeah we always hangout. Maybe I'm just not upfront enough. Thanks though.

    • *hung out*

    • Ur welcome. And good luck :)

  • With guys I like I'm usually more shy.

  • If it's a guy I like.. I will flirt, tease and make jokes with him
    If it's just a friend I'd be more down to earth and 'simply' friendly too.

  • I always do and say anything i want infront of boys, i never get upset when they are saying mean things and i wouldn't mind never talking to them again haha but when it comes to my crush i act like i would around normal friends but i can never get angry at the bad things my crush does i always forgive him immediately and i try to be as polite as possible it's pathetic because he uses me and i don't even mind as long as he stays friendly, i'll be happy

    • Yeah I notice the same thing about her. We tease and joke all the time and she never ever gets mad at me. Although I don't make mean or hurtful jokes, I notice that she actuallly never gets mad at me.

  • I am really twisted, I treat the guy I like, like he has a disease. The guy I am friends with, I am friendly and open, laugh and have fun. I am so doomed. Oh well!


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