Guys AND Girls, is it worth it to waste your time on a person who you might not have a chance with?

I have liked this guy for awhile now and we have only met outside of work by accident once and that was a few days ago. My guy friend went up to him and said I wanted his number. this guy I like smiled and said 'really?' anyways he does treat me differently than others girls form what it seems because he gets quieter around me, but he is shy.
anyways he:
never introduced himself to anyone at work but me
always looks at me/ in my direction
blushes a little around me
sits next to me during work break
always starts the convo first
looks me directly in the eyes when we talk
jokes around with me sometimes
asks semi-personal questions about me
he told my friend he didn't like me.

should I waste my time on this guy I really like or no?


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  • Hmm depends.

    He could be lying so your friend would not know. My ex does this. You need to go to him and ask him yourself.

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