Why didn't he kiss me last night?

I've been getting closer and closer to my best guy friend. We've known each other for years but nothing sexual has ever happened. We normally spoon every night but our relationship is strictly platonic. Last night, we were cuddling chest to chest and he felt me up from behind. At one point, our lips were touching for about 15 seconds, but he didn't kiss me. Why was this? Did he not want it to get emotional? or maybe he was scared? I just dont understand how he could be brave enough to touch my butt, but not kiss me..


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  • If he's kinda shy, or a nice guy, he might have just been scared. Sometimes it's easier to do sexual things because it's instinct. Kissing is more emotional in my opinion, and means a lot more. He might have been worried you didn't want that with him. Or he might have watched "Hitch" recently. Will Smith says the guy should go 90% of the way toward a kiss, and let the girl come that last 10% haha

    • haha yeah he's pretty outgoing and confident so thats why it confused me, but I definetly should have made a move.. I will next time, thanks!!

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  • Kissing leads to many other things. He may avoid that since you guys are still platonic. He needs you to feel comfortable with that. He respects you as I understood.

  • He doesn't love you or like you or want to date you. He just wants to use your body and then throw you away.

    • Do you know him? That boy may be head over heals for her but scared of her reaction. Just because a guy wants to sleep with a girl doesn't mean there's nothing else there.