How do I handle a relationship with a busy woman?

I have a female friends I've known about 6 months and last month she started dropping some very obvious hints that she wanted me to ask her out. She is very busy, but she worked four 12 hour days so that she could have a Friday off to go out with me and we had a great time.

It's been about three weeks since that date and she hasn't had time for a second date, though she has said multiple times that she really wants to and still mentions what a great time she had on our first date. I'm not opposed to taking things slowly and her friends are becoming my friends too. They invite me to events even when she can't make it, so I see her see her once or twice a week in a group settings when she has time, and we'll usually talk alone for 20-30 minutes after everyone else has left, but I really want some quality one-on-one time together.

I want to be accommodating and work around her schedule to spend time together, but at the same time I don't want to make it too easy for her as it's only human nature to be more appreciate of things you have to work for her. Do I risk coming off as needy if I'm repeatedly asking about her schedule to plan a date, or will she see it as caring and sweet?

I do try to maintain my distance during the week even though we've been friends for months, since we've only been on one date. Once or twice a week I'll text her a witty message or funny image related to something we talked about the last time we spoke to make her laugh and let her know I'm thinking of her, but I don't ever call her or have conversations over text.

Should I start calling her occasionally, or should I keep the interaction limited until we go on another date or two like I do now? Should I be more aggressive\assertive in persuading her to make time or let her tell me when she has time? Anyone in a similar situation have and ideas?

Any advice would be appreciated!


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  • If it was me and I was her I would want honesty communication is the biggest thing in a relationship I think that is true for romantic and personal relationships she made the first move with her hints I think is safe to say she likes you so just say it like it is, If that's not comfortable for you start thinking outside the box, I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse and one thing that would be amazing to me is a nice lunch date grab something you know she likes and bring it to her spend that little time showing her she matters and you understand her demanding lifestyle and I think she will be making more time for you :)


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  • I think you're looking at it the wrong way. She has almost no free time yet it goes on you. It's a good thing don't sweat it.