Stuck between my friend and a hot guy, what to do?

I met this guy through a school production, my friend and I were invited to his school to play this female role in a musical because his school is an all-boys school. All the boys were really happy to see us, well, because, duh, we're the only girls around.

There's this guy in the production who's the most gorgeous looking person I've ever seen. He has those dirty blonde locks and piercing green eyes. And yes, he's British. (I'm Aussie btw) He was so playful and joke around all the time because he was put into the musical because of detention. Anyway, my friend talk about him all the time, how hot he is, how good he is with football, and how she's excited about the kiss scene. I myself find him very hot too actually. Anyway, one time I lost my temper on him because he's being not serious with his role and I just scolded at him. Since then he never joke around and become really quiet in the set.

One time I came to the school again, all wet because it was raining too heavily, I found out the rehearsal is cancelled because of bad weather. What surprised me was the guy was there, he was all wet too. I apologised for being strict on him and we talked a lot. I actually found myself falling for him because he's more than a joker and a merely good-looking guy. And then he kissed me, we almost have sex on the chemistry lab. He said 'I wanna hold you like this for the rest of my life,'. And he kissed me again. So yeah after that my friend is still looking forward to the 'kiss scene' and every time he sees me again at school he acts so cold to me but he'll grab my butt when nobody's around. One time we just made out in the dressing room luckily nobody found out. I feel really bad for cheating on my friend but I really want this guy. Ugh tell me what to do.


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  • "my friend and I were invited to his school to play this female role in a musical because his school is an all-boys school"
    The guy is very lucky. When I prepped at the Hotchkiss School, they made they guys dress up and play the female roles.

    • haha but how do guys even sing those high soprano songs hahah

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    • U r absolutely amazing and if u didn't tell me I wouldn't have imagined any of those beautiful japanese ladies are all men xd

    • The performers in the video are all women.
      I posted it to show why I really wasn't a fit for the part.

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  • This guy sounds like he's playing you. I mean really, "I want to hold you like this for the rest of my life"... do girls really fall for that bullshit?


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  • this is probably not the answer that you wanna hear but I can tell you he's a player and you will eventually get hurt finding out he's making out with another girl. Trust me that happens.

  • Tell ur friend