Girls on dates pulling kiss and no contact... is this not the same thing girls complain about guys?

I don think it's any secret girls worry about guys only wanting sex but on the other hand it seeming more and more to me that girls are having their own form of that, putting guys in the same predicament they have, mainly in the form of emotional gratification.

Since my break up a few months ago I got into the dating game in a big way for the last two months. I've had around eight dates and of these five kissed me at the end of the night. By this I mean the night went well and they initiated the kiss at the end of the night after we stay out for ages!

Yet what happens after, either no text or one text and no responses after that. Now I'm not begging anybody, usually two texts does the trick and that's it. But this has got me thinking, is the night out and the kissing basically the girls way of gratification in the same way guys sleep with a girl eg you get what you want and never get in touch! Seems very similar to me so gals and guys, what's your view on this? Why and what are the reasons behind this?


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  • Did you try to initiate contact via phone after the date? Most girls won't text or call first, it's a girl thing they need to feel you're interested etc.
    Otherwise, if you called and she's not responding then something changed her mind between end of your night shortly prior to or after your kiss.


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