Should I tell him how I feel? is there a point if he moved and lives far?

We have known eachother for over 4 years now. weve always liked each other and dated twice but never anything official. He told me a year ago he has always liked me and brought up that he's always wanted something more. I just said we should be friends. a year later ever since i started having feelings but he moved away. im going to see him in a week and want to tell him how i feel/ have felt. I saw him 3 weeks ago and he tried to kiss me and hook up but i said we shouldnt. but now i want him... do i tell him? he's going back 2 weeks after he visits our home town.. is it worth it? do we have a shot


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  • You'll never know if you don't try it seems like there are feelings that need to be addressed or you'll never know. My bf and I only see each other once every 2 weeks at most for the weekend and it worked.
    You have to be okay with it though. It requires sacrifice and patience.