So I Have Good Dates, Get A Snog And Then... No Reply! Any Ideas Why Girls?

So for last two months I've really got into the dating scene for the first time and it's a hell of a lot of fun. I am a pretty good date not had a bad one yet but something... odd occurs. Basically I'd say I've had around seven dates and four of these I've been snogged at the end of the night (they initiated not me).

But something odd happens in that I literally can't get a reply from the girls! Now I'm not desperate, I have my three text rule (once on the evening a few hours later to say I had a good time, one the next day which is a general, "hey how are you doing" and if they chat I arrange the next date, and one last one two days later where I basically say we should go out to so and so and if they don't respond then I don't bother no more). Normally girls respond to the first one with the usual e. g. a lovely time and such! But I seldom get a response to the second text and the third one nearly never!

Now I'm wondering what the psychology of this is girls? The dates usually go well and I'm not misreading it either. The girls usually ask me to stay out although I'm trying to shorten down the length and the snog always comes from them. As you can see I don't sound needy with my texts or in person so I'm wondering what's the deal here?

To me this feels pretty similar to if a guy slept with a girl then never called her back, it's considered a douche move so just wondering. I've got other dates so I don't get hung up on one girl, but is an odd thing to happen so far.

Anybody have any ideas?


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  • We reject because we're either insecure about you liking us, because we're insecure about ourselves in general, because we didn't like you, or because we like someone else more than you.

    If it's insecurity (about 99% of them) then you need to take initiative a lot more. You basically have to set the rules and demand that they contact you and when to contact you. You can't play casual and uninterested. I'm not saying act desperate, that will turn them off, but act like the guy who hates being fucked with. Organise the entire thing. At the end of the date say you want to see her pretty face on Skype tomorrow at 8 pm, for example. Organise the date for her not to have to initiate anything, including the kiss.
    If she's even a little insecure and you're sitting back like some sloth expecting her to push the date forward, it's no wonder she doesn't feel it.

    Showing her you're not desperate and that you value yourself is not expressed well through a "I don't care if you exist" attitude.
    It's expressed through "I find you attractive and I don't like to be messed with and left hanging" attitude. A commanding attitude.


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  • Perhaps they weren't as into you as you thought? It probably has nothing to do with the date itself but rather if they're dating someone else ghey like more or perhaps they're still hung up on someone else.
    Either way, there's nothing wrong with your mode of operation. They're just the wrong girls.


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  • Here's where you went wrong, you're sitting back letting them do all the work on the date it sounds like. Dupe is right, you're not assertive enough to go for the kiss on the first date. ALWAYS DO THAT and if they like you they will. If it's the cheek they're not into you or have a game plan they go by. Don't hold your breath on those ones.

    Don't be controlling but assertive on the date setting and kissing. Let the girls come to you after the date. You're showing no mystery you like them by texting them the day or day after your date. Read Coach Corey Wayne's 3% Man and you'll go far man.

  • Maybe they just don't feel the attraction. They kiss you because they feel obligated to, but aren't really feeling it.