How important are looks when it comes to dating?

Would you date me based on my looks alone? I've never had a date and I get no matches on tinder and I'm really depressed about it because I'm 21 and feel like I'm missing out... Is it maybe because I look not so good and my standards are too high?

This is me: :please copy and paste)
imgur. com/a/n8aAB


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  • You look totally normal and fine. The only thing is you look kind of young. And anyone who takes gross looking low light photos looks bad. You need to take better quality picutres outside, that show some part of your personality (e. g. with friends, doing sports, travel, with pets) etc. Otherwise you just look like some kid taking MySpace pics in his parents house. Its not your physical appearance... its the impression you give off.


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  • Link doesn't work and it might be that your standards are high that you aren't getting matches

    • You have to copy and paste the link. It's not clickable

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  • Females with online dating ONLY go for looks...

    I once did an experiment and made a fake profile with an asshole model guy... in the first day I got 20 messages!!!

    Don't stress go pick up this book 'the games: penetrating the secret world of pickup artists' it really helped me pickup chicks and understand its more than looks its social.